Orange, Purple and Chartreuse Felted Scarf with Merino Wool


This scarf is beautifully soft and flowy. It is made with Orange, purple and chartreuse non-mulesed 21 micron count merino top. There are accents of purple wool yarn in a coil throughout the scarf and also the bottom tassels. Each scarf is unique and has it's own special characteristics.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Not suitable for machine washing; hand wash with some mild detergent like a wool/silk detergent. Do not wring out. Lay flat to dry. Can be re-shaped if needed with a little pulling here and there.

SIZE: 67 long X 7 wide or 170cm X 18cm

MATERIAL: 21 Micron Count Non-Mulesed Merino Top and Wool Yarn

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