Mulberry Mawata Silk Hankies for Spinning, Knitting and Felting - Honey Mustard - Yellow


Silk Hankies are amazing to work with.  Whether you are spinning, knitting or felting, they are a great addition and embellishment to any project.

Material: Mulberry Silk Hankies (Mawata)
Quantity: .5oz or 1oz
Color: Honey Mustard

The cocoons of the mulberry silk worm are softened in a warm soapy water solution and stretched over a frame that is square (approx 25 cm square) for hankies. Mawata caps are stretched over a ‘U’ shaped bamboo framework. Mawata is the Japanese word for ‘spread out’ and refers to the stretching of the cocoon.

Several cocoons are stretched over the frame so that each hankie or cap is composed of many layers, each containing the silk fibres of one cocoon. Usually cocoons that are not suitable for reeling are used. If you separate one hanky from the bundle and hold it against the light you will see how thin it is.


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