Blush Brush - Hand Dyed long Teeswater locks for Doll Hair, Felting and Tail Spinning


These Teeswater locks are about 11 - 13 inches in length. They are a beautiful shade of Grey and Blush Peach Color at the shaft of the lock. They are great for spinning, wet felting and doll hair. Use as embellishments in your felting project. They have been dyed with acid dyes and are colorfast.

Teeswater locks do not felt, but actually get tangled when washed. If you are wanting a longer lock, I have actually "needle felted" the locks together. In this case, they get tangled were you needle felt them.

Quantity: 1/2oz or 1oz
Color: Grey and Blush Peach Color 

Name: Blush Brush

Colors are as accurate as possible. Based on everyone's computers, colors may very slightly.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like a custom order!

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