Nikki Marshall

Nikki Marshall

I have always loved to create art with my hands in different mediums. I started when I was in Elementary School and it progressed from there. Selling jewelry at a local craft store when I was 12, to sewing to painting. My new found passion for wooly creatures has brought me to where I am today.

I have been working with the fibre arts for over four years now and love every aspect of it. From the raw fibre to the dying process to the finished product, I love it all. Creating such beauty and color is what makes what I do so fun. Sometimes I don’t know what the final product is going to look like and sometimes it doesn't work out. But experimenting and having trial and error is somewhat part of the fun.  I am sure the smile on my face could not be wiped off when I experiment and the results are magnificent. Each felted piece is a one of a kind and hand made by me the artist. My creative juices are always flowing to design new scarves, hand dyed yarn and wool, and mix color and fibre to create something bright and inspirational.



Nickelbee Art Studio and Supplies tries to use local products wherever we can. We support our local farmers and artisans. By using local fleeces, we are reducing the process that takes place in making the raw fleece into roving. It also reduces our carbon footprint as we do not have to purchase product from overseas and not knowing where the fleeces are coming from and how those animals were treated.

In my spare time between felting, dying and hanging out with my wonderful, supportive husband and three year old daughter, I teach classes at A Twist of Yarn in Vernon, Vernon Community Art Centre and my own studio. I love teaching and seeing the students with their own one of a kind projects and the excitement they get from transforming into an artist. My joy and fulfillment comes from seeing them so excited after they have completed their project and the look in their eyes. 


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