We at Nickelbee Art Studio and Supplies are dedicated to providing felting, supplies and classes in the fibre arts for all ages and skill level.   Nikki Marshall has been teaching classes since 2010.

We specialize in the fibre arts such as felting, spinning, and dying.  We sell all types of wool: Non-Mulesed Merino Roving, Conservation Breeds, other types of wool, Hand Dyed Teeswater Locks, Mohair, hand dyed and hand painted yarn with natural dyes, acid dyes and kool aid and also the art works of Nikki Marshall.




The following is a list and description of the classes that I offer.  If you are looking for a private class for you and some friends, please let me know.  We can schedule a class at your convenience and location of choice.  Not all classes are offered regularly.  Please check under http://www.nickelbeeart.com/collections/classes for class times and location. We only use the highest standard 21 micron Merino Wool from non mulesed sheep.

NOTE: If you have arthritis or shoulder pain, the wet felting classes may not be suitable for you.  The needle felting classes also use a lot of hand movement.  If the class is not too full I am able to assist with the felting process.

Felted or Nuno Felted Scarf: In this class students will learn the technique of felting a scarf from soft merino wool.  We will use other embellishments like mohair locks, teeswater locks and yarns in a variety of textures and colors.  For the Nuno Felted Scarf, students will use the same method as the regular felted scarf but will felt a scarf using a silk chiffon as the base.

                          FELTED SCARF                     FELTED SCARF                NUNO FELTED SCARF    

Felted Bag or Purse: In this class students will learn the technique of felting a purse or bag using the resist method from soft merino woo, wool batts and other wool breeds.  You will learn to add a pocket and how to make felt handles to adorn your new handbag.    To help the process along of the felted bag, we will use a palm sander which can be a little noisy.  We will use other embellishments like mohair locks, teeswater locks and yarns in a variety of textures and colors.  NOTE: If you are wanting to add some leather handles, there is an additional fee.


Felt and Sew: In this class students will create a wonderful masterpiece that measures approximately 16" X 16".  Using merino wool, silk and wool nepps, you will draw a pictures and then we will stitch it on the sewing machine and also use embroidery thread to give it a 3D effect and some depth.  Students will get the chance to blend their wool using a drum carder to get beautiful mixtures of colors.  We will work from a selected picture that students will interpret with the wool.  No sewing experience required.  This is a two part class.


Felted Jewelery: In this class, students will make a variety of jewelery using the wet and needle felting techniques.   They will use merino wool, chiffon or silk material, beads and beading tools.


Learn to Drop Spindle: In this class students will learn how to make their own hand spun yarn from a variety of different fibres.  Each fibre has a different characteristic and some vary in the way they spin up.  We will be using Merino wool, conservation breeds, teeswater locks and mohair.  If you do not have a drop spindle, no problem.  You can purchase one from me and when you sign up for this class, you will receive a 15% discount on the drop spindle. There are two different sizes of Drop Spindles that I sell.  They are listed here: http://www.nickelbeeart.com/collections/drop-spindles


If there is a class that you are interested in but don't see it here, please let me know and I can customize something for you and your group.

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