Grey Shetland Wool - Conservation Breed


Shetland fibre is sometimes described as the finest wool grown by any sheep breed in the British Isles.  This fibre is more of a dark down tone and is reasonably fine.  The average micron count is in the mid 20s (spinning counts 54s-70s) and a staple length between 3 to 5 inches (7.5cm12.5cm) long.  Some Shetland wool, especially the silky-feeling variety, will felt very quickly; those that are matte and more spongy than silky will resist felting.

The fleece is dense wit locks that are usually wider at the base and somewhat pointed, so the essential shape is triangular.

*Conservation Breeds are globally rare and stand on the precipice of extinction.  All will truly benefit from the informed support.  By seeking out the fibres produced by rare and endangered animals, you will help maintain them!

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