Wool Cleaning Products

Wool Cleaning

Cleaning your wool is by far the worst part of playing with fibre.  It can be filled with vegetable matter, other kind of matter and just plain dirty.  There are certain wool cleaning products are  There are certain wool cleaning products that are made just for cleaning wool.  Our wool cleaning products are made for that and are also an amazing stain remover.  Not only will it remove grease from the wool but it also removes grease from your clothes.  
Before you do anything with your fibre, you want to wash it.  If you are lucky enough to have a designated washer for your fleece, you can do it in your top load washing machine.  If it is a nice hot day out, you can do it in a baby pool outside.  You want to make sure the water is hot enough to melt the lanolin off off your fleece.  Do not aggitate the water or your wool will felt.  Make sure to get off all the poopy and vegetable matter that you can.  You do not need a lot of the wool cleaning product.  Read the directions before you start to see how much you need.  This will depend on the weight of your fleece and also how dirty it is.  You can always put it through for a second wool cleaning.  If you have lanolin still on your fleece, it will gum your carders up and will also not felt nicely and will not spin nicely. 
  • Optimize cleaning at lower temperature
  • Incredible STAIN REMOVER - even red wine
  • Eliminates build-up of cleaning agents
  • Cost effective - use significantly less to scour
  • Reduces mats and tangles
  • Eliminates ODORS - Non-yellowing
  • Leaves fibre with a clean, fresh aroma
  • Biodegradable - Earth Friendly - no fillers and no bleach
Wool cleaning is key to a nice clean and carded fleece.