Olive oil Soap for wet felting - 125 grams


This soap is favoured by feltmakers. 

Oliva soap is a fine quality bar made from unrefined olive oil. It contains no artificial colours or perfumes, meaning when your piece of work is rinsed through nothing gets left behind. 

Can be rubbed direct onto the piece of felt work, cut into small blocks or grated to create a gel. 

Dont bother buying expensive flakes. We usually just smash up the big block and put it in a bucket of water and let it slowly dissolve to make a concentrate soloution which we then take off and further dilute to use. It makes many litres and is always ready to use.

We find this better for group work, particularly with children as its not too soapy and foamy so easier to work with and rinse out. 

The soap contains no animal products.

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