Machine Hemmed Chiffon 8-mm- 11inch x 60inch


Our machine hemmed 8mm Chiffon scarves are machined, flat, smooth even and look great after dyeing.

Chiffon is an elegant, sheer and more loosely woven silk with a soft beautiful drape and a crepe like texture.  Very easy to dye and paint and responds well to all painting styles and techniques  These are great for Nuno Felted Scarves or Even a table runner and wall hanging.

NOTE:  The pictures of the Nuno Felted Scarf has been dyed with Jacquard Acid Dye before I felted it with Black Merino Wool. 

We recommend a pre-wash in Hot water and Synthrapol or a Professional Textile Detergent, all silk before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly.


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