Tussah Silk Products - Hankies and Sliver

Tussah Silk

This Tussah Silk Top (Sliver) is so incredibly soft.  The Tussah Silk Top (Sliver) is produced from the Tussah moth which eats leaves that pass on the natural staining and produce the off white silk. The fibres are slightly thicker than mulberry silk. They are extremely shiny and very.......well, silky! They are great for using with Wet Felting and also for Spinning.  Silk does not actually felt, but the felting fibres stick to the silk itself and adhere to the wool.  
Tussah Silk Top (Sliver) is great for using in your drum carder or even using it in hand carders.  When blended with Merino Wool, the Tussah Silk has a spider web look that goes side to side as the wool around it begins to shrink and the silk has nowhere to go.  It is great for making silk paper and silk fising. 
Because the Tussah Moth eats Oak leaves and other leaves rich in Tannin, natiral Tussah Silk is a golden color and takes natural dyes fairly easily.  Tussah Silk Top (Sliver) can also be dyes with Acid Dyes because it is still considered a protein fibre.  It dyes beautifully.  
When using your Tussah Silk Top (Sliver) in a project, make sure that you use it sparingly.  The more you place in one spot on your project, the less it will felt in and it won't have that nice wispy effect.  Plus Tussah Silk is very expensive.  
Tussah silk is more durable than Mulberry Silk as it has a larger fibre density. It is also great for making fused silk and silk paper. 
Weight: 1oz or .5oz
Tussah Silk is great for spinning, felting projects including Nuno Felting.  Adds shine to any project.