Silk Scarves for Nuno Felting

Silk Chiffon

This Silk Chiffon comes in a great selection of colors.  It is great for Wet and Nuno Felting.  There is no comparison for Nuno Felting with real Silk Chiffon.  The wool penetrates the silk alot easier with the real Silk Chiffon vs a polyester.  
Silk Chiffon is a  sheer fiber with a soft beautiful drape and a crepe like texture. Silk Chiffon takes dyes exceptionally well reflecting strong, deep colors. Very easy to dye and paint and responds well to all painting styles and techniques. Fiber is ideal for floaty scarves, shawls and wispy gowns. Like a feather floating on the wind. The essence of silk. Paint, dye, enjoy! I use my Jacquard Acid Dyes on the Silk Chiffon and it looks beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. 
Silk Chiffon
Weight: 36 gr/mt.
Width: 140 cm.
Made in Italy
All Silk is shipped from Vernon, BC, Canada.  
For larger orders above 3 meters, please contact me ahead of time for discount pricing and to make sure we have the Silk Chiffon in the color you are ordering.   

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