Plum - 19 Micron Count Merino Prefelt


19 Micron Merino Prefelt

Our 19 Micron Merino Prefelt is manufactured through an industrial process of dry felting. Machinery uses thousands of needles to mimic the action of wet felting.
Merino prefelt is not a finished product and still needs to be wet felted or can also be used in a needle felting project. Merino Prefelt is a great time saver and great for clothing projects or any item where a consistent thickness is desired. The smaller pieces are good for having a stock of for the cutting out of shapes to needlefelt or wet felt onto a base as a design. Merino Prefelt is also great for dyeing with Acid Dyes. You can make it whatever color you want. You can also use it for resist dyeing. The Merino Prefelt is still quite fluffy so it is easy to pull edges off or larger pieces. To make thick pieces to use in wall hangings, simply layer a few pieces on top of eachother and start felting. The
Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. The breed origins are from Spain, but the modern Merino was domesticated in Australia. Today, Merinos are still regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Poll Merinos have no horns (or very small stubs, known as scurs), and horned Merino rams have long, spiral horns which grow close to the head. Merino is body temperature regulating as well so it will keep you nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
We sell two different sizes of prefelt.
Dimensions: 39 X 60 inches or 12 X 12 inches
Weight: Weight: 170 gr/mt.
Color: Natural
If you are looking for large quantities or Merino Prefelt, please contact me to confirm that I have it in stock.


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