Tidal Foam - Maori Wool


Maori Wool is a blend of Coopworth and Corriedale and is great for needle felting. It can also be used for wet felting vessels, purses and pieces where you want a sturdier more durable piece.

This fibre is approximately 2 inches long. Because it is a courser fibre, you may find that it leaves stray fibres poking out versus being a very smooth finish. This is a very fast felting fibre though and because of it's cost, it can also be used as the core wool. When using in wet felting, it does not felt as fast as a Merino, and is not as soft to the skin so I do not recommend using it for scarves or anything that will directly be touching exposed skin. The blend of Coopworth and Corriedale has a higher micron count and is not as soft as the Merino. The Maori Wool comes in a batt not in roving. This wool can also be used as core wool for any project. Coopworth sheep are a medium-sized, dual purpose, longwool breed, with an alert but quiet disposition. The long face is usually clean with a small topknot or bare head and a slightly Roman nose. They stand a bit taller than the NZ Romney and exhibit heavier muscling than the Border Leicester. The body is long with a good loin and hindquarter, light forequarter and a wide pelvis. The fleece, with pointed locks, has a well-defined crimp with bright luster and spinning count of 44-48 (35-39 micrometres) and a staple length of 6-8 inches. While only white Coopworths may be registered in New Zealand and Australia, both white and natural colored Coopworths are accepted for registration in the United States and Canada. The Corriedale produces bulky, high-yielding wool ranging from 31.5 to 24.5 microns[3] diameter. Fleece from a mature ewe will weigh 10 to 17 lb (4.5 to 7.7 kg) with a staple length of 3.5 to 6.0 in (8.9 to 15.2 cm). After cleaning, a yield of 50 to 60% of the raw fleece weight is common. Mature rams will weigh 175 to 275 lb (79 to 125 kg), ewes can weigh from 130 to 180 lb (59 to 82 kg).[4] There are so many more colors to choose from.


The Maori Wool comes in a batt not in roving

Micron Count: 27-30

Color: Tidal Foam Maori Wool

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