Felting workshops

Felting Workshops

I offer a varierty of felting workshops.  With other 6 years experience teaching adults and children, we have a proven track record of making sure that when you leave a felting workshop, you feel comfortable in what you learnt and can go home and make more!
The felting workshops that I offer include wet felted hat, felted slippers, felted scarf, felted bowl, 3D Felting and also needle felting.  I teach one on one or in groups.  If you are looking for a workshop, please contact me or contact the Vernon Community Art Centre for a class schedule.  http://www.vernonarts.ca/index.php/classes
I also teach at A Twist of Yarn.  If you would prefer to take any of the felting workshops there, please contact them at http://atwistofyarn.com/ 
I am a full stop shop.  Not only do we offer felting workshops, but you can then purchase some Merino Top to take home ans start felting on your own.  I offer a variety of Merino in different colors and different Micron count.  We have hand dyed Teeswater locks, mohair, silk, silk hankies and much more. 
If you have any issues with your wrist or arms, you should check and make sure that repititive hand and arms movements are ok for you.  This is a repetitive motion kind of art and can be a lot of work for people who suffer with carpal tunnel. 
Felting workshops are a great way to learn a fun new art form!