Felting Needles

Felting Needles

Felting needles are designed to entangle the fibres by pushing and pulling each individual fibre. Each Needle has a series of barbs along the working edge that grab the fibres and move them around. They do not break the fibres just entangle them.

These felting needles are produced in different thickness gauges, the thicker the needle the bigger the barbs. Also the thicker the needle the bigger the hole.  This hole does tend to close up as the work relaxes. But for fine work a fine needle is needed. We consider the 36 gauge to be the general working needle. Good for getting the work started. You then may choose to use a finer needle when working on fine details. Its often the choice of those making 3D figures to do the facial details with a 40 gauge or even a 46 gauge needle. 

Beware of cheap far eastern versions which do not have the same quality and durability

They can be used singly or in groups in small hand felt making tools. In a group in a tool they can be used to place decorations precisely on pieces of pre-felt. The decoration is placed on the felt and stabbed into place with the barbed needles. It will stay in position when the normal wet finishing process is carried out. Three dimensional work can also be carried out. In this case it is usual to work with a single needle to sculpt shapes and not to wet felt at all.

NOTE: I DO NOT COLOR CODE THE NEEDLES UNLESS YOU REQUEST IT.  All of our Felting Needles are color coded so there is no confusing them if you have different ones. 

Felting Needles come in a variety of different sizes.