Cellulose Fibres for Felting and Spinning

Cellulose Fibres

Cellulose Fibres include many different types of plant, bush and tree type fibres that are great for using in any felting and spinning project.  
Cellulose or cellulosic fibers are fibers structured from cellulose, a starch-like carbohydrate. They are created by dissolving natural materials such as cellulose or wood pulp, which are then regenerated by extrusion and precipitation.
Some of the best felting and spinning fibres include banana silk, banana fibre, rose fibre, hemp, ramie and bamboo.  
Here are a few links to some of the cellulose fibres that we sell: 



These fibres do not actually felt to the wool but the wool will grab onto the fibres and secure them to your project.  They have the same effect that silk does on a felting project.  The thinner you lay it out, the more it looks like siper cobweb.  Using Banana Silk for example will give your yarn a beautiful shine and silky feel. 
Cellulose Fibres are a great addition to any project.