Carding Tools for blending fibres

Carding Tools

There are many different types of carding tools to use.  Which one you choose is really up to you and your preference.  
There are hand carders, flock carders, blending boards and table carders.  Each one has its purpose and also depends on how much you want to spend.  If you are planning on buying some sort of carding tool, ask your supplier what they recommend.  based on what you are wanting to use it for, they can recommend something that will work for the fibre you are using. 
Many of the Carding Tools also come with different point #'s.  The lower the # the less points it has.  The higher the # the more points it has and the better it is for finer fibres like Merino, Silk and Mohair.  
All of Nickelbee Art's carding tools come from Golden Fleece Carders and are 100% guaranteed to be at the highest standard in manufacturing or your money back.  We are the only authorized dealer in Canada to distribute Golden Fleece Carding Tools.  We also ship to the U.S.
Each of the Carding Tools is made of nickel-plated wire.  
Get your Carding Tools and start blending!