Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Felter, Spinner or Knitter in your life December 09 2015, 0 Comments

Holiday Ad I know that as a Felter and Spinner, sometimes it is hard for people to buy for me because they just don't know what kind of Fibre I like or what kind of tools and equipment I actually have and what brand I prefer to use.  Here is a list of the Top 10 Christmas Presents to get for the Fibre enthusiast in your life.  Prices range from $6 - $300.  There is something in this list for everyone and on every budget.
  1. Wooden Fulling Block - Felting blocks are a felters best friend. These are to be used once your project has been felted.  However, I have used them at the beginning of a project as long as I have a piece of plastic on top and water and soap to let the fulling block move easier. The fulling block speeds up the process.
  2. Olive Oil Soap - Olive Oil Soap is the best soap to use for felting, hands down.  It doesn't get to bubbly and rinses fully out of your felted project.  This is important for the longevity of the felt.  No felter should be without Olive Oil Soap.
  3. Drop Spindle - Drop Spindles are great for the beginner spinner or even felter.  I bought my first drop spindle so I could make fun yarn to use on my wet felted scarves.
  4. Blending Board - These are also great for both Felter and Spinner.  Blending boards allow you to blend fibres as evenly as you want for making wet felted scarves or making rolags to spin with.
  5. Table Carder - Table Carders are a fairly new product but are great for blending fibres to make rovings or rolags using many diffeent tyoes of wool, silk and many other fibres.
  6. Needle Felting Kits - Needle Felting kits are a great way for beginners to get into the art of Needle Felting.  They include all of the required tools and come in many different varieties.
  7. Spinner/Felter Sampler Pack - If you are unsure of colors that you would like or would just like a variety of smaller amounts, the sampler pack is perfect for you.  Choose from a few different color choices.
  8. Hand Dyed Yarn - Nothing compared to some beautiful hand dyed Merino yarn.  Knitting with Merino is amazing and buying hand dyed is even better.  Buy local.
  9. Dyeing Kit for Protein Fibre and Yarn - These kits are great for someone who wants to get started with dyeing their own fibre to knit with or spin and felt with. The nice thing about this kit is that you get to pick your own Acid Dye colors
  10. Gift Certificates - Not sure which of the above items your loved one might want?  Get them a Gift Certificate.  Then they can pick their own and decide when they are ready.  You never know, you might already have a great stash of fibre.