Needle Felted Pumpkin Tutorial and Kit October 14 2015, 0 Comments

What a great fall it has been so far.  I have taught two needle Felted Pumpkin classes at the Vernon Community Art Centre and A Twist of Yarn in Vernon, BC. Felted Pumpkin Here is a mini tutorial on how I make my Needle Felted Pumpkins.
  1. I first start off with making a ball/cylinder shape for the core of the pumpkins. I use about 30 grams of wool.  There is no right or wrong shape here because not all pumpkins are created equal.  The shape though will depend on how many tubes you will need to make for the sides.  If your core is too large for the amount of tubes, needle felt the core more.  For the core, I use the Maori Natural White.
  2. Take your Pumpkin Orange Maori and make approximately 7 tubes by rolling the batt.  I use 60 grams.  This is approximate.  The more you needle felt, the smaller and tighter the tubes will be.  I like to make one and measure it to make sure it is not too long or short to go around my core.  Make sure that you have some extra incase you need to make another tube.
  3. There are two ways to attach the tubes.  You can attach them all to the top at once and then attach them all to the bottom at once, or you can attach them individually.  Don't worry if you see each line of where the tubes where attached.  Once the Green Maori Wool is attached at the top, you won't see the lines from the tubes. IMG_0005          IMG_0003
  4. Start to needle felt the tubes into the core of the Pumpkin around all edges of the tubes.  If you see some white showing, press down on the tube to make it wider and cover the white and needle felt it down.       IMG_0008          IMG_0006
  5. The following pictures are of a Pumpkin that the class did and added a Carded Batt to give it more color variation.                                   IMG_0012                                                                 IMG_0017
  6. Take some Green Maori Wool and add it to the top of the Pumpkin.  I use about 12 grams for the stem and the green part that goes on top.  Take a piece of green batt and roll it up.  Needle felt the end and needle felt it on top.  If you are wanting a more detailed Tutorial and Kit, Check out Needle Felted Pumpkin Kit on Nickelbee Art Studio and Supplies. These Needle Felting kits are great for Christmas presents or just a nice project to take on the go.