Kids Classes - Painting with Wool June 22 2016, 0 Comments

It has been sometime since I have posted anything on this blog.  I know, shame on me.  I have been busy as I am sure all of you have been. I recently taught a few classes at Leap Art Supplies and Gallery in Vernon, BC.  I had a group of 6-9 year olds and 10 - 14 year olds.  We did a "Painting with Wool" class and I chose Starry Nights for the older kids and a farm picture for the younger ones for them to interpret and create their own picture as they see it in their eyes.  We started off with a prefelt first that was 12 X 12. I then had the kids  lay out the wool and needle felt it in a bit so when the wet felted it, the fibres wouldn't move around so much.  We then placed the 12 X 12 piece in a large ziplock, added some ward water with  Olive Oil Soap and felted away.  Each students interpretation was so different and so amazing.  These classes were so much fun and I truly enjoyed myself and seeing the kids create! [gallery ids="258,259,260,261,262,263,264,265" type="rectangular"]