Hand Spun Art Yarn with Hand Dyed Merino Roving and Teeswater Locks April 08 2015, 0 Comments

I have recently joined the Kalamalka Weavers and Spinners guild and attended my first spin in.  It was fabulous and I met some great woman and other vendors.  My friend Nikki from Nickerbockers http://www.nickerbockers.blogspot.ca/ was there spinning away and purchased some of my hand dyed BFL and some lovely hand dyed Teeswater locks http://www.nickelbeeart.com/collections/teeswater-locks/products/emerald-isle-hand-dyed-teeswater-locks.  I dye all of my Merino Roving, Teeswater and Mohair with Acid Dyes.  They come in a great selection of colors.  http://www.nickelbeeart.com/collections/jacquard-acid-dyes I took a picture of it because it is so amazing.   She added some nice sparkle to it to give it a little pop.  There is so much that you can do with even neutral colors to give them a nice bright pop.  I will be adding more teeswater locks soon. You can find them here. http://www.nickelbeeart.com/collections/teeswater-locks

20150326_092954            20150326_092947_resized