20lbs of Natural Roving soon to be beautiful hand dyed roving May 13 2014, 0 Comments

I love dying roving of any kind.  Merino, merino/silk blend, corriedale......anything white must have color. lol!  I love experimenting and seeing what is going to come out.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not.  Even the ones that don't work out, somehow are still spinable.  And I do just that.


I use different ways to dye.  Solar dying which is using the sun light to heat your dye bath, dying in a dye pot on the stove and also dying using a crock pot.  I find that you get the most even heat with the crock pot.  Unless you are solar dying.  With crock pot dying, you will get a different look then if you were to hand paint your roving.  I also find it impossible to crock pot my yarn when I am dying with different colors.


I like to use Jacquard Acid dyes and althought they may be more expensive then others on the market, they are THE BEST.  The color is extremely brilliant and colorfast.  I find I get a great uniform color throughout the roving or yarn when submerging the whole thing.  Stay tuned for some step by steps on dying and some tricks that I use.     Image